Thursday, February 14, 2008

Share Your Comments, Prayers, Stories, Wishes about Weedle/Donna

Please share whatever you wish here (see sidebar on uploading photos, videos, etc., but you can also comment below). Paul and Weedle on New Year's eve at the home of Ken Lassman & Caryn Goldberg, and some of Weedle's pies. How in the world can we go on without Weedle or her pies?


Deborah said...

How I loved to sit with Weedle in her kitchen, listen to her laugh and tell stories, and eat a slice (or two, or three!) of pie, then play Taboo, laugh some more, and eat more pie. Is it possible to get closer to heaven on earth than that? I so admire how deeply she lived and loved. She gave love freely and got it back in spades. What a great role model for us all. I'm sending all my love to Paul, Will, Laurel, Kevin, Kelly and the rest of the family in this very sad time. Please know that I'm holding you in the light. Deborah Altus

Help Sean Get Well said...

As a fellow writer, I have always been impressed with Weedle's observational acuity; her descriptive attention to detail that captured a detail that was at once surprising and moved the story ahead in interesting ways. This was just another gift she was able to share with those around her, and I feel honored to have been in that circle.
-- Ken Lassman

Help Sean Get Well said...

To Weedle's Family,

So very sorry to hear about Weedle's death. Please pass along our condolences to friends and relations, especially to Paul, Laurel, Will, Kelly and Kevin.

Our love goes out to all there,
Carl and Sara

Denise said...

We love and miss you Weedle
To Paul and the family:
We love and are here for you.
The Skeeba Family

Laurie Martin-Frydman said...

I got to know Weedle through our writing class at the Arts Center. Writers come and go, but Weedle came to stay, becoming a valued member of our core group. She was working on an autobiography that focused on her experiences as a KU student in the mid-1960's. It was a coming of age story about a self-conscious, guitar-toting, free-spirited girl's liberation from her mother, her pastel sweater sets, and her notions about routine class attendance. Well, it was the '60's. Sometimes when she left for school her feet unexpectedly took her to a more interesting place...Hard to believe we won't be reading any more of those stories, or seeing any more of Weedle. Maybe once again her feet unexpectedly took her to a more interesting place. We'll miss her. Condolences to family and friends.
--Laurie Martin-Frydman

Lawrence said...

I am very sorry, and even more sorry not to make it back for the funeral. But I can't come from San Francisco in time. Joseph, Hannah, Bridget and Jessica also want to send their very best. They were part of the event when Weedle/Donna made pies and they never forgot it. And her writing is tremendous. Lawrence, Joseph, Hannah, Bridget and Jessica.

Sophia said...

I was her CCC (community service) student from Shawnee Mission Northwest. I worked with her all day on Tuesday and it seems like we talked about everything. She had me come sit down and read the first 30 pages of her autobiography. I was amazed and gave her my e-mail address so she could show me the rest of what she'd written. My school counselor intercepted me on Wednesday before school and told me what happened. I'd pretty much cried non-stop until the services today. Reading the cards from Shawanoe kids and looking at all her wonderful pictures made me happy, and I got to see the beautiful children and husband she so lovingly talked about. She was always making me laugh. From the day that she showed me her new South Park keychain, I knew we were going to be friends. I miss her so much, and she'll be in my heart forever.
Sophia Rabiee

Anonymous said...

I remember meeting Weedle the fall of 1968. She was a striking figure on campus...wore bell bottoms and long dresses and long hair at a time when dormitories still required women to wear skirts to Sunday dinner. All her life she was so beautiful. I remember her apartment on the top story of a house at 13th and Louisiana: it looked out over the Kaw River valley, with tiers of maples and cottonwoods spreading to the east. We shared that moment of beauty, and I have never forgotten. Weedle improved the lives of so many. Love to her and to her family and friends.
Denise Low

Anonymous said...
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Help Sean Get Well said...

From Ginger Chance:

Weedle, What a shiny spirit! Thank you again for a most loving and well-lived life. How fine to work with you on the long ago alternative newspaper. Your exquisite writings, funny stories and the great conversations! My how you could listen too!! Thanks also for all the hugs through the years on Mass. St. You inspire us to live & love more deeply. My last sharing with you at Daniel's celebration with all your incredible pies…….and that last most special hug!

Love is all around you and and your beloved family. Ginger Chance