Monday, May 19, 2008

Old Stone Farm Potluck to Remember & Celebrate Weedle

One of the traditions of Old Stone Farm was the annual gathering of all the Babbit family’s friends here for a cookout and picnic. Over time that custom was replaced by smaller gatherings throughout the year. But last fall Weedle spoke of wanting to revive the former without diminishing the latter, and having the big midsummer picnics again. This year, and with luck every year, the Caviness/Babbit family will do just that, partly in Weedle’s memory and partly just for the fun of it. Weedle’s birthday is June 25; we are planning the party for the afternoon of Saturday, June 21. The cosmos is cooperating by arranging to have the summer solstice on that very day.

It will have to be mostly potluck, but all those who knew and loved Weedle are invited to this, the first of what I hope will be many gatherings at the Old Stone Farm.

Call me at 785-594-3102 in the evenings for directions.


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